Regal Meridian 16


The Yelpers agree: if you want to watch a movie in Seattle, you should be visiting the Regal Meridian 16!

Here’s what some Yelping movie lovers had to say about it:

Aaaarrrgg h. raves, “This place is what I think Hell is going to be like.”

Tim C. calls himself “a fan.”

Rachel H. writes, “The bathroom is gross. Urine on the seats and floor. Toilet paper everywhere. I felt like i needed to get tested for genital warts and crabs after using that bathroom.”

John E. notes, “This place is getting a little too ghetto for my taste.  Too many panhandlers awaiting you upon exit.  Too many gangsta wannabes in high school scoping my 39 year old wife and my iPhone.”

Melissa N. wonders, “I hate this place!!! Okay maybe not hate but definitely loathe. Wait is that too strong too?”

We know where we’re headed when we’re next in Seattle!!!

Regal Meridian 16

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