GUARDIANS Disappoints Over Weekend

falling-off-chartThe numbers agree: Guardians of the Galaxy disappointed at the box office, earning a weak $8 million.

No Good Deed won the weekend with $24.5 million, while dolphin thriller Dolphin Tale 2 slotted into second place with $16.5 million.

But all eyes were on Marvel and their blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, which truly flopped in a public way. The film’s $8 million performance was confirmation that Chris Pratt is not a movie star, and should go back to television. This is something we’ve been telling you since the film went into production, folks!

Next week sees the release of The Equalizer, The Boxtrolls and The Two Faces of January, which star real movie stars like Denzel Washington, Ben Kingsley and Viggo Mortensen. We expect each to outperform Guardians of the Galaxy, and will have a full report next week!

GUARDIANS Disappoints Over Weekend

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