Ben Affleck in Gone Girl

AffleckDickEach Thursday, we turn The Critics Agree! over to our favorite critics of all: you, the fans! This week’s big release is Gone Girl, and it seems y’all have a lot to say about its star, Ben Affleck. Here’s a taste:

@thinker365 notes, “You just know Kevin Smith is gonna have something to say about Ben Affleck’s penis in Gone Girl…”

@mattprigge gushes, “Will obviously put ‘ben-affleck-penis’ in the url of my review, whenever I get the chance to write that.”

@sadfacedleo tweets, “Guys what, Ben Affleck has a penis? I’m in shock. I will never watch pearl harbor the same way.”

@oscarlessleo wonders, “what’s this talk about ben affleck’s penis? do you see it in gone girl?”

@SchmanthonyP raves, “Not really into hearing Kevin Smith talk about putting his penis in his wife’s ‘clit/brown/taint-area’, honestly.”

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl

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