The critix agree: there’s no better way to watch movies than at home on your computer! And if you’re watching movies at home on your computer, there’s no better choice than the raunchy independent comedy Clerks!Clerks

Clerks is available to watch via Netflix Instant and — get this — is written by, directed by, AND stars Comic Book Men creator Kevin Smith! Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Here’s what your fellow Netflix users are saying:

  • “It gets 4 stars because it was the first movie of it’s kind, and I’m gay for Kevin Smith as a person.”
  • “If you’ve never seen this film you may have been living in a third world country.”
  • “Looking at the other reviews, it looks like you either loive it or hate it!!”
  • “It only play in black and white on mine…. :(“
  • “This is probably one of the funniest movies of the decade, second only to Austin Powers.”

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