Each and every Thursday, we turn The Critics Agree over to the bright and informed people of Twitter.com. Here’s what the tweeple have to say about Ouija, which releases nationwide tomorrow:@BiGBlacKGrant writes, “I do not play around with that Ouija Board shit!! That shit is real!! smh”

@AlyssaHunt2216 notes, “If you think the ouija board is a joke. Well the real joke is on you, cause that shit Is seriously real af. #ShitIDontFuckWith”

@JasselAFlores explains, “I wonder if the Ouija board is actually real I wanna try but then I don’t”

@00Gravies tweets, “I’d be high key scared if I used a Ouija board in real life.”

@DiFioreo proclaims, “I wanna see Ouija soon.”


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