The critic agrees: it’s no Dark Knight.

Seriously, Christopher Nolan should just stick to Batman movies. It’s clearly what he does best.

That said, if you’re planning on going, please use this Fandango link which will kick back some money to us when buy your tickets.

(UPDATE: We’ve been told by Fandango that we are not a part of their affiliate program, and need to not only join but use a link more specific than their home page.)

(UPDATE #2: Due to the rude nature of Fandango’s reply, we’re denouncing them, but still encouraging you to use that link above, as we are still pretty sure it will make us some money.)

(UPDATE #3: Saw Interstellar again today. It’s actually not as bad as we first thought.)

(UPDATE #4: Yes, we used the link to buy our tickets to that second showing. Waiting on a Fandango kickback. Anyone else out there use it???)