Thanksgiving Movies

PieHardHappy Thanksgiving! Since the holiday happens to fall on a Thursday this year, we’re thrilled to offer a Thanksgiving-themed edition of Twitter Thursday! Here’s what you’re saying about your favorite Thanksgiving movies:

@OnlyFawn tweets, “My thanksgiving tradition: Die Hard 1-5”

@heyitssnowing writes, “Getting ready for thanksgiving by listening to Van Halen while cooking then watching die hard #welcometothefergusonhouse #GoHardOrGoHome”¬†Wow, a Ferguson Thanksgiving sounds amazing!

@FranMFarber gushes, “Every year I have to sit next to a die hard Obama lover at Thanksgiving. Why me? #Obama #Thanksgiving”

@anthonydeangelo raves, “Can’t wait to watch Die Hard tomorrow cause it’s the greatest Thanksgiving movie of all time”

@tablethirty9 exclaims, “Spending Thanksgiving with some Horrible Bosses”

Thanksgiving Movies

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