Free the Nipple

The YouTubers agree: we all go to the movies for the sneak previews! They’re actually the main attraction. Here’s what YouTube commenters have to say about the sneak peek for Free the Nipple:

Emily Collins asks, “is the boob blurring meant to be ironic or…?”

WallflowerBitca complains, “we won’t even put nipples in a trailer for movies about nipples.”

wrsspk raves, “i actually do not support this. I think women been doing great thing for a long time not showing their nipples. i think that if women are allowed to show their nipples, that is going to lead to less respect for women. i mean women were more respected in the past. of course they were not allowed to do lots of things or have a normal career but now some of women are treated like men in a bad way. Btw, i dont think that is going to have huge impact on society… ”

Youssef Hamdy writes, “What do women have to prove by ‘freeing their nipple?’ Also what are they really fighting? Are they fighting people who tell them not to walk naked in public? Because if that’s it I believe the people have every right to tell the girls not to do so. I wouldn’t be comfortable if I’m walking with my husband, daughter, son,..etc and he stared at a naked girl just passing by. Also why is this view commonly held by feminists? I don’t see men walking naked everywhere so they’d want to be equal to them in that matter. No one would lose or gain anything if feminists achieve their goal of walking naked. No Corporation, President or anything that is corrupt for that matter would lose anything. It will certainly have either negative or positive effects which I’m actually eager to see on the society that has accepted this notion. I’m really looking for answers and I’m not condemning or attacking anything. All I know and can guarantee is that the boys who will watch this will care more about the nipples than about the message (whatever it is) even if they say differently.”

Levi Colon notes, “I’ll watch it only because they’ll show a lot of boobs”


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