The Wedding Ringer

The YouTubers agree: Kevin Hart is really hot right now. In fact, the only hotter actor in comedy right now is Josh Gad. And guess what? The two are teaming up in this month’s The Wedding Ringer. Here’s what the commenters of have to say about this exciting team-up:

dovakittyrex proclaims, “more anti white jew propaganda. imagine if a trailor said DAMN black people! stop rioting looting, stealing, raping, and sucking farts out of cows!!”

el guapo notes, “funny how Hart can say “damn it man white people” but a white actor would say “black people” it wouldn’t be so cool right?”

Bandanna Boyy wonders, “Why the fuck is the trailer out so soon im all excited now”

Ray Chow writes, “Holly shit Penny and Olaf are in this film.”

Tyler Moss comments, “It’s great to see people like Kevin Hart to do a lot of movies.”


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