The 2014 Critic of the Year

In 2014, we had the honor of recognizing 11 film critics at the top of their game. They are:

January: Jackson Murphy
Feburary: Matt Donato
March: Mike McGranaghan
April: Andy Crump
May: Chase Whale
July: Ben Kendrick
August: Nina Garin
September: Darcy Donovan
October: Molly the Westie
November: Metacritic
December: Jay Sherman

While we’d love to name all of these folks our 2014 Critic of the Year, the rules we wrote limit us to acknowledging one critic and one critic only.

With that in mind, we’d like to congratulate Matt Donato, our 2014 Critic of the Year!

Matt simply had a fantastic year as a film critic. Did he write some reviews? He sure did. But more importantly, he agreed to be on our podcast. And that’s what truly separated him from the pack.

Did he ever actually show up on the program? No. But who are we to hold that against him? We’re not here to judge. Yes, we’re disappointed. Yes, we consider reaching back out to him each and every day. But he had to have his reasons, right? Like, maybe someone in the family died. Or his internet has been down for months. I mean, he’d surely just respond to our repeated e-mails otherwise. Yes, tragedy has befallen Mr. Donato, and that’s all the more reason to name him our 2014 Critic of the Year.

Congratulations, Matt. Please let us know your mailing address ASAP. We’ll send out the trophy. Heck, maybe we’ll drop it off ourselves. We could maybe grab a coffee while we’re in town? Catch a flick afterwards? Have you seen Inherent Vice yet? What about Annie?

Let us know!

The 2014 Critic of the Year

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