Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Inherent Vice’

TwitBird_InherentViceThe tweeters agree: Joaquin Phoenix is brilliant in Inherent Vice, which opens nationwide this weekend. Here’s what the tweeple are saying about this extraordinary performance:

@MissSherryVine writes, “Just saw Inherent Vice. Didn’t love but Joachim Phoenix is brilliant!”

@OmarJoHady proclaims, “You can smell Joaquim Phoenix through the screen of #InherentVice I really enjoyed the film”

@less0nslearned tweets, “i wanna be jaoquin phoenix’s facial hair in ‘inherent vice’ when i grow up.”

@hollo_z explains, “Jaquin phoenix would have been a great wolverine”

@egyptianstriker raves, “من شوية كنت بتفرج على فيلم her اجراج spike jonze و بجد مش ممكن الشبه الكبير جدا بين joaquin phonix و هو بالشنب و بينك 🙂 ..مش ممكن”

Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Inherent Vice’

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