The YouTubers agree: Johnny Depp is always good, but Johnny Depp with facial hair brings it to a whole new level! Here’s what the streaming video commenter community has to say aboutĀ Mortdecai:

Sylvie Blu asks, “Johnny what are you doing? We are trying to win Oscar! This is not the answer.”

Tyra H notes, “Kind of reminding me of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ in a way!”

Damjan Plamenac raves, “I hope this Movie gets invited to die on purpose, and everyone who worked on it to die in an AIDS fire”

Josh S wonders, “Did anyone else thinking of Carlton’s dancing from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air during the trailer”

Phillip Gorgioski gushes, “So, you named your movie after a character in Borderlands 2? How original.”


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