Blackhat Gets Boned

The numbers agree: I spent over $45 to see Blackhat this weekend and it didn’t even make the top 5.

Does Hollywood include concession purchases when tallying the box office totals? I had to use not one, but two of my AMC gift cards from Christmas. TWO! If my wife hadn’t spotted me for gas, dinner, and those Ralph Lauren khakis I got at Macy’s, I’d be REALLY pissed.Thor

Anyway, Bradley Cooper, The Wedding Ringer, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t see beat out Blackhat‘s pathetic $4 million gross. GUYS, THOR IS IN BLACKHAT! HOW DID THAT NOT KILL?

Check back next week when that goofy Johnny Deep movie probably takes the #1 spot. So glad Johnny’s getting back to his roots…

Blackhat Gets Boned

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