The YouTubers agree: MTV makes some great films! That’s why everyone’s so excited for the Skype thriller Unfriended. Here’s what internet commenters have to say about this spooky preview:

fmg92jr raves, “I’m not one to judge movies by the trailer, but this movie is going to be so fucking dumb.”

brief333 writes, “Haunted by a whore that showed her pussy after drinking in a party… so you’re not ashamed of going to parties and drink and have sex. but when a video pops up of you doing it you go to suicide? Americans are fucking retarded”

Dave Nee notes, “Those assholes deserve it, calling Laura a slut and posting her suicide video. What the hell were they thinking”

Heaton Junior gushes, “Moral of the story: don’t buy a fucking blender”

Elwood Hellsythe explains, “MTV….I’M SICK OF YOUR SHIT!!  This movie looks like shit and whoever thinks it looks good is either an immature teen or an alcoholic.”


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