Get Hard

The YouTubers agree: Kevin Hart is probably the most underrated and unheralded performer in Hollywood today. Fortunately, he’s in a new movie with a similarly underexposed Will Ferrell. Here’s what internet commenters have to say about the trailer for Get Hard:

Sandouras raves, “my dick just exploded.”

Andrew Borntrager proclaims, “I don’t care if Will Ferrell is a one trick pony. It never stops being funny.”

Steve Bray writes, “The content of this movie seems to have caused a stir. If people could just step back, drop the agendas and laugh at themselves, it would be such a better world. This non serious movie looks funny, what do you think?”

Locked Volt gushes, “I was going to see this movie, but then i saw Kevin Hart playing the same character he plays in every movie he does.”

TheReelCorner lets us know: “I’ll pass. NEXT.”


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