Jupiter Ascending


The tweeters agree: The Wachowskis have been on fire since The Matrix trilogy, which is why everyone is so pumped for the release of Jupiter Ascending this weekend. Here’s a taste of what you’re saying at Twitter.com:

@ucladodgerdog writes, “Taking a date to see Jupiter Ascending over the weekend. Afterwards I’ll ask her, “Baby, can I see Uranus Ascending also?”

@stockbonds78 wonders, “So let me get this straight, first there was Mercury Rising, now there’s Jupiter Ascending… What is next? Uranus Expanding?”

@Mookie94 proclaims, “Jupiter Ascending looks a lot more like Uranus Descending.”

@IncredibleSuit explains, “I think Jupiter Ascending might have descended from Uranus”

@GregPP1985 asks, “Is Jupiter Ascending a pisstake of Mercury Rising? What’s next, Uranus Elevating?”

Jupiter Ascending

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