Fifty Shades of Grey

TwitBird_50ShadesOfGreyThe tweeters agree: it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend! There’s no finer way to celebrate than by taking your significant other to the movies. Fifty Shades of Grey is out, and the people are buzzing about it. Here’s a taste from

@andrewbarber88 asks, “Honest question what do I do if I get a boner when I watch 50 shades of grey”

@RiversDakotah notes, “All the dudes gone be in 50 shades of grey tryna hide a boner lmao”

@Alek_Bittingerr wonders, “If I go see 50 shades of grey will I get a boner? Just need to know if I need to wear jeans or if I can just wear sweatpants.”

@iamademon raves, “50 shades of grey actually gave me, like, a really sweet boner”

@VibeTfOut tweets, “Idk I don’t think I can go watch 50 shades of grey and be seated next to some random dude with an erection”

Fifty Shades of Grey

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