The numbers agree: we need to know before April 15th.

Being a critic is hard work, and last year it was REALLY hard on our bank accounts. If any of our fans can tell us what from the below list we’re allowed to deduct as business expenses, we’d really appreciate it (TurboTax is taking forever to get back to us). Happy tax season!

  1. Our 2014 Oscar party. We spent like $250 on beer and decorations.
  2. $500 each on trips to the movies. $1200 if concessions are included.
  3. $20 fleece Batman blanket (Nick)
  4. $400 Men In Black neuralyzer prop replica (John)
  5. We both gave $5 to our pal, Steve, so he could take the train to an open casting call. (He didn’t get the part, in case such info affects deductibility.)