Welcome to Me

The YouTubers agree: we love Kristen Wiig! And while our ideal project involves her hilarious character of The Target Lady, we’ll take whatever Wiig we can get, including her new film Welcome to Me. Here’s what YouTube commenters have to say about the flick’s new trailer:

  • Wesner1th writes, “This movie looks awkward and embarrassing as the character, it’s going to hurt to watch but I’ll watch it for the pain”
  • FzRxGaming wonders, “is this one of the movies that no one goes to see and just watches half a year later on standard tv channels at 2 am when theyre extremely bored”
  • Damjan Plamenac raves, “BIG BLACK DICKS”
  • Revy Revolver notes, “Apparently Kristen is gonna go full nude in this movie…”
  • ashim choudhury gushes, “genuinely funny without unnecessary puns!!”

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