The Worst Idea of All Time

TWIOATThe Critics Agree has exclusively learned via The AV Club about a yearlong podcast called The Worst Idea of All Time that recently finished its run.

During this show, hosts Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery watched Grown Ups 2 every day for a year. They recorded an episode per viewing, and finished the series by watching the film live with an audience in California.

This sounds like a fantastic idea, and we’re jealous that we didn’t have it first. As loyal readers know, we’re big fans of this classic comedy. Daily viewings throughout the year should have been obvious once it was released on home video.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re about to begin viewing 1 of 365!

UPDATE (2:45 pm): We’re being told that the hosts watched the film once per week, not per day.

SECOND UPDATE (2:51 pm): For those asking, we are still planning to watch once per day despite the error.

THIRD UPDATE (2:57 pm): No, we’re not recording podcasts about this. We’re watching this film 365 days in a row for our own personal pleasure.

The Worst Idea of All Time

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