The Gunman

The YouTubers agree: everyone loves Sean Penn! That’s why the Internet is buzzing about his new film The Gunman. Sean Penn and guns? Sign us up! Here’s what our fellow YouTube commenters have to say about it:

Hand to hand combat raves, “Lol this guy! Penn, “no one should own firearms” Does a movie about guns. WTF Promotes gun violence. I dont get it. They complain and complain then make guns “cool” but then say off screen, no dont own them. LOL Talking about selling out.”

Mike Box notes, “Sean Penn in a gun movie, Pot calling the kettle black..”

john david gushes, “Once a dick actor always a dick actor. Spend your money on a real actor guys…”

The Social Regressive proclaims, “A socialist gun grabber starring in an action movie.  Fancy that.  Apparently guns ARE fine as long as you side with dictators, support political candidates and policies that undermine the Constitution, and make money from waving firearms around onscreen.”

patriks zarins adds, “1st”


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