VHS Is Back, Baby!

VHS-cassetteThe Critics Agree has exclusively learned via The AV Club that VHS collecting is the latest fad sweeping the nation, with a particular following developing at Ivy League schools.

If those nerds are into it, the fad will certainly become as big as North Face jackets and self-serve frozen yogurt!

We’re particularly excited about this at TCA because we got in on the ground floor. We’ve never stopped collecting VHS tapes! When others moved on to DVD, we saw an opportunity to expand our collection exponentially at very low costs. Our collecting has only recently slowed, as cinemaphiles realized that VHS is the new vinyl.

Unlike the dweebs at Yale, we have no particular preference when it comes to our collection, although by pure chance we have a wide selection of comedies from the 1980s. That’s not surprising, though. It was a golden age for film, one that we shan’t see duplicated.

VHS Is Back, Baby!

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