TwitBird_CinderellaThe tweeters agree: conversations about women are always respectful on the Internet! That’s why we’re so excited to talk about this weekend’s big new release,¬†Cinderella. Here’s what the Twitterverse has to say:

@GrigzlyBear writes, “My grandpa just told me Cinderella is a total slut.”

@DannyRhodes_ proclaims, “In Florida now I just gotta bang Cinderella in the castle then I can go home.”

@alexfobert03 explains, “The bitch playing Cinderella better realize she ruined every 90’s girls dream of being her”

@SaintsOrDemons raves, “Dammn ur mom raised u up to b a cinderella ass tramp ass hoe”

@followJOJOE gushes, “The bih playin Cinderella in the new movie is fugly, where dey find dih hoe”


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