Sean Penn in The Gunman


The tweeters agree: Sean Penn is a universally beloved actor, which is why everyone is so excited about the debut of The Gunman this weekend! Here’s what users of have to say about it:

@WilliamGreggor writes, “Sean Penn is a liberal feminine product”

@hburch64 notes, “Just a thought, what a huge hypocrite Sean Penn is. The worlds biggest left wing commie gun hater, putting out a movie called the gunman.”

@FJGough explains, “Sean Penn is such a dumb ass.”

@jconnor8800 gushes, “Sean Penn enjoyed sucking little Chavez penis.His film will flop cuz all know he’s a liberal whiny ass anti 2nd doichebag”

@mtn1066 raves, “Sean Penn is a coward n a traitor. He should be deported to the Middle East.”

Sean Penn in The Gunman

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