Divergent Wins Once Again

Katniss-everdeen-14The Insurgent Series: Divergent topped the box office this weekend with a $54 million haul. Divergent is the fourth film in the popular Hunger Games trilogy.

Cinderella finished in second place with $34 million. The Disney reboot had a good run, but it looks like the clock is about to strike noon on this franchise. Time to take off that leather slipper, Cindy. Hit the road.

Run All Night finished in third place with $5.1 million. It managed to beat Sean Penn’s new flick The Gunman, which earned $5 million. Doesn’t that seem strange? The explanation is obvious, though: people got confused, and mistook Neeson’s film for Penn’s. In all actuality, The Gunman made $10.1 million.

We’d like to congratulate Sean Penn for his big weekend. Here’s hoping they find a role for him in the next Hunger Games installment!

Divergent Wins Once Again

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