The YouTubers agree: the 1990s rocked! That’s why we’re so excited to see Adam Sandler pairing up with retro video games in the new film Pixels. Here’s what YouTube commenters have to say about the new trailer:

4208 jason notes, “Think they should make a movie called donut just film a chocolate donut for a 1hr 30 min.”

Billybo10000 says, “Since nobody else has said it, this is literally a summer *block*buster…. I’ll see myself out.”

June Lilly raves, “This would make a good theme park… What? What else am I supposed to talk about? How bad this movie looks?”

Jordan Powell gushes, “Best movie ever about video games”

Madara Uchiha adds, “This movie looks like fucking shit … But I’m probably gonna watch it.”


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