The tweeters agree: DreamWorks is the undisputed champion of contemporary animated movie making! That’s why everyone is so excited to see their new flick Home this weekend! Here’s what Twitter.com users have to say about the film and its talented voice cast:

@etnow tweets, “Jim Parsons tells @TheEllenShow that @Rihanna smells like ‘heaven.'”

@ArtsMusicMovies notes, “What Does Rihanna Smell Like? Heaven, Says Jim Parsons”

@SuchAF_cKnLADY says, “Jim Parsons on how good Rihanna smells.”

@jaydeful explains, “Jim Parsons talking about Rihanna’s scent is so cute and makes me want to know what she smells like.”

@jef00oer writes, “Jim Parsons’ Rihanna Crush And More Revealed As Actor Promotes ‘Home’ http://t.co/1zGgi3Y3L2 HES GAY”


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