Movies Make You Happy!


The Critics Agree can exclusively report that going to the movies is a good time for all, whether you’re by yourself, with friends, or taking the entire family.

We’re pretty certain that this enjoyment is based in the escapism of the moviegoing experience. Having a bad day? A movie will cheer you up. Are your friends making fun of that new haircut you thought was rather dapper? The movies won’t judge you! Do you suspect that your wife’s late work hours are actually a chance to engage in an affair behind your back? A good film will put that out of your mind almost immediately.

The movies are like a medicinal tonic: your doctors may never prescribe them, but they actually do the trick! Big Pharma is a lie, and you shouldn’t become another cog in their machine.

Go see a movie today. You won’t regret it.

Movies Make You Happy!

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