Furious 7


The tweeters agree: Furious 7 comes out this weekend, and none of us can stop talking about it! Here’s a sampling of the buzz at Twitter.com:

@hannahvicwilson proclaims, “The hottest character on Survivor almost got voted off the island tonight I am Furious

@ZandarVTS notes, “Percentage of people on both the left and the right Furious over President Obama’s commutations this week is close to what, 100%?”

@JusticeBlaine writes, “People Furious about Trevor Noah and his tweets refuse to watch the new Daily Show. I refuse to watch it, but only because he’s black.”

@theexit2 says, “Furious cyclist takes pothole repair into her own hands and plants flower display in gaping road crater”

@GODsMagnus explains, “I get furious over abortion, over the killing of Christians, over the games these Church Leaders play, over the game politicians play!”

Furious 7

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