I’m Almost Done Watching Friends

The numbers agree: what am I gonna do now?

For the second weekend in a row, I had to waste my hard-Square_Rossearned money on something other than a trip to the movies. (John insists we exchange presents EVERY holiday. It’s getting old, dude. And I’m pretty sure the Snuggie you gave me on Passover is a re-gift.) So instead of contributing to Furious 7‘s amazing $384 million worldwide gross, I stayed home and finished season 9 of Friends.

Guys, I’m already suffering from withdrawal! Just the thought of having to say goodbye to these great characters is tearing me apart. My friend Alyson had the perfect solution, though: put season 10 on hold and start over with season 1! Then, when I get to the same point in a week or two, start over again! I can keep doing that until I’m truly ready to complete the series. Brilliant idea, Alyson. I knew you’d be there for me.

I’m Almost Done Watching Friends

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