Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The YouTubers agree: Batman is gonna kick Superman’s ass! That’s our takeaway from the preview of the biggest superhero movie of the year! Here’s what the users of have to say about it:

TheHarslord asks, “so wait so Batman is the good guy and Superman is the bad guy?”

Liesmith explains, “If you make both Batman and Superman have more ‘realistic’ abilities (ie, Supes can’t travel faster than light; Bats’ knees get fucked up from years of jumping off roofs), then Batman doesn’t have a chance.”

projectNERV writes, “If both these guys were on level playing fields when it came to strength and power everyone knows Batman could kill Superman. Duh.”

Francesco Miglio notes, “The costume of batman is obscene, is not costume of batman, but is a costume of mouseman.”

Alvin Elmore wonders, “Who has the higher IQ. Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne”


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