American Psycho 2

The critix agree: there’s no better way to watch movies than at home on your computer! And if you’re watching movies at home on your computer, there’s no better choice than the 2002 psychological thriller American Psycho 2!

American Psycho 2 is available to watch via Netflix Instant and stars Mila Kunis, William Shatner, and Geraint Wyn Davies.

You’re fellow Netflix users are raving:

  • “the first one was horrible comparedto this one.”
  • “The synopsis was wrong for this movie her therapist was dr. Daniels her teacher is Professor Starkman”
  • “Best watchers would be nurses,as we all have dark humor.”
  • “I love it because its scary but more funny the main charater gets it her way and she can kill (pretty) but also kill when she wants something its a must to see movie for anyone who is open to funny and scary this is a must if you are looking for a really scary movie this would not be the one to look for…”
  • “MILA KUNIS is so HOT!!!!! & has great T&A”
American Psycho 2

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