The Fall of the United States of America

1The numbers agree: Americans got shafted over the weekend. Big time.

News outlets across the nation are reporting that Furious 7 topped the box office with $18.2 million. But those reports are lies!

What the media won’t tell you is that Avengers: Age of Ultron actually won the weekend with $201 million. The movie made that bank overseas, rather than here at home in America.

Avengers: Age of Ultron opened in 44 international markets, and none of them were called the United States. Last I checked, the USA is a part of the globe, and yet we get shafted on a major release like this one. Last I checked, this movie stars Captain AMERICA, not Captain China. Am I right? His name is The Incredible Hulk, not The Indian Hulk. You dig? The film features Iron Man, not Iran Man. Copy that?

Will Avengers: Age of Ultron even be screened in America? Given the box office numbers, maybe not. Marvel might be satisfied simply earning all of its money overseas. That’s a damn shame. First they took our jobs. Then they took our movies. Up next: our women.

The Fall of the United States of America

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