The Visit

The YouTubers agree: this trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense is fantastic!

Wait! What a twist! It’s actually a trailer for The Visit. Here’s what YouTubers have to say about The Night Man’s new flick:

chesskinge notes, “The whole theater laughed like REALLY hard”

greekfreak1980 gushes, “So,it’s ”Found Footage Horror” and directed by the guy who,excuse my greek,buttraped one of the greatest animated series of the last decade.Sound’s like a smash hit.”

iCrackediTTv wonders, “wow. can it get any dumber”

brenndon1 raves, “M night is really digging in the bottoom of the barrel.”

MaximumMadnessStixon writes, “Even if this is another failure, I have to…  no, I NEED to believe that M. Night has at least one or two more good films in him.  So I will most definitely check this one out!”


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