The collectors agree: if there’s one Blu-Ray disc to own this week, it’s the hot new release Selma! This is the beautiful transfer that all of your friends will be talking about at the water cooler! Here’s what buyers have to say about it:

Snarky “S” says, “Martin Luther King is a hero of mine, without question, flaws and all. I cannot endorse this movie.”

Louie the Italian Jew raves, “Without President LBJ … MLK would have been quickly forgotten.”

Author of Every Man Wants More Than One explains, “I expected this to be a very powerful movie. Instead, I found it to be extremely slow with no powerful performances.”

Danny G. gushes, “Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of my heroes. If I was on that balcony I would not have hesitated to have given up my life to save his … I despised this film for being overly depressing and gloomy.”

pocket watch notes, “Movie had very few people of other races involved.”


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