Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

The tweeters agree: comedy sequels are always better than the original, and the same goes for comedy sequels set in the world of a capella. That’s why everyone was so excited about the recent release of Pitch Perfect 2! Here’s what the tweeple had to say about it:

@NPrimus writes, “Determined af to see Pitch Perfect 2 in the theaters when it comes out”

@shanasilver wonders, “Why isn’t Pitch Perfect 2 out this weekend when I have built-in babysitters available while staying with my inlaws?!”

@phumza_n notes, “I’ve seen all the movies worth seeing that are currently showing. I’ll come back when Pitch Perfect 2 is out.”

@Chase_West_18 asks, “When does Pitch Perfect 2 come out? I just saw the trailer and I think I have to see it”

@Zuere tweets, “It’s May 2015. When does pitch perfect 2 premier?”

Pitch Perfect 2

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