Grand Theft Box Office!


The numbers agree: video game movies are here to stay!

With the success of The Rock’s new Grand Theft Auto flick San Andreas, it’s hard to deny that video game adaptations are reliable hits within our industry.

If the success of San Andreas isn’t enough, just look at the highest-grossing films of 2015:

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron  (based on Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth)
2. Furious 7 (based on Need for Speed: Underground)
3. Cinderella (based on Cinderella: Magical Dreams)
4. Home (based on The Sims)
5. Fifty Shades of Grey (based on Leisure Suit Larry)

We expect such success to continue next weekend with the release of Spy (based on Spy vs Spy) and Entourage (based on 3D Movie Maker).

Grand Theft Box Office!

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