What We Did on Our Holiday

The YouTubers agree: other countries make movies too! That’s why we’re featuring the BBC-produced comedy What We Did on Our Holiday on today’s Trailer Talk. Here’s what the commenters on YouTube have to say about it:

MarshfieldStudios says, “Swear this came out well over a year ago.”

SeanJamesDocherty writes, “This not come out ages ago in Scotland ?”

E123Epicness exclaims, “OMG this came out over a year ago here U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602”

Jonathan Edwards notes, “Btw Americans, this is about 2 years old…”

Captainwilts raves, “Warning all Americans DO NOT SEE THIS FILM this has to be one of the most poor examples of child acting I’ve ever seen”


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