Apollo 13: 20th Anniversary Edition


The collectors agree: no home movie collection is complete without this new Blu-Ray edition of Ron Howard’s Apollo 13! Here’s what the users of Amazon.com have to say about this classic film:

Mike Zuber (aka “FrostyZoob”) raves, “Had I known this disc was authored this way, I would not have purchased it. Help discourage this kind of behavior by NOT purchasing this disc.”

W. Armstrong notes, “Without an internet connection, it won’t play.”

GREGORY PORCO adds, “Better fix this for Back to the Future!”

JOSE PAULO Reis gushes, “As I live in Brazil, I simply cannot consider sending it back and ask for a refund, because the shipping cost would be greater than the price itself. So… I will have to keep it, like it or not… Too bad for me…”

T.J. Friedman explains, “At first, my Sherwood 5004 blu-ray player hooked to the BD-Live function played this blu-ray, but only intermittently. Today, when I found that my Panasonic BD-35 had a new firmware update, I tried the blu-ray on it and it worked.”

This disc sounds like a lot of fun! Consider ordering two — one for you, and one for Father’s Day!

Apollo 13: 20th Anniversary Edition

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