The tweeters agree: the Entourage movie is the biggest blockbuster of the summer. There’s certainly no argument about that here. We can tell because our timeline is full of the popular #TheBoysAreBack hashtag. Here’s a sampling of great tweets featuring it:

@nabilahiman raves, “#EntourageMovie was actually not as bad as I was prepping for. #theboysareback”

@EYenn gushes, “Looks like I missed a hell of a game today while I was at work!#theboysareback #Reds #lovethisgame”

@ItsEmilyGeorgia tweets, “It’s been exactly 3 years since we bought birmingham out of WSWM singles and today Roads was released #ProudOfLawson #TheBoysAreBack”

@Stormakastorm proclaims, “The homie is back and it’s gonna f****ing cr@y!!! #teamstorm #fun #TurnDownForWhat #Theboysareback”

@CrooksinHELL wonders, “does Mark Wahlberg stop 9/11 in the movie?  #theboysareback”


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