Jurassic World


The tweeters agree: Jurassic World looks cool as hell! We love everything and anything about dinosaurs. Here’s a sampling of the buzz floating around Twitter.com:

@edmorrish writes, “It’s cool knowing that the studio already have Jurassic Galaxy (space-raptors) and Jurassic Universe (tyrannosaurus-STARS) in development.”

@Rayyan12A explains, “FYI the dinosaur sounds in Jurassic Park are made from turtles having sex”

@WhatThePatel gushes, “i wanna watch Jurassic world. see how much damage this asshole dinosaur can do”

@VirtualCyborg raves, “I will give Jurassic World a 5 star review regardless of how good/bad it is if Jeff Goldblum makes a cameo next to a pile of dinosaur poop”

@batmadd notes, “Imagine how loud dinosaur sex was.  Probably terrifyingly loud.”

Jurassic World

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