Beyond the Reach


The collectors agree: if you have a home theater, you absolutely need to own the Michael Douglas film Beyond the Reach on Blu-Ray! Let a bunch of users tell you why:

shomoo writes, “do not waste your time or your soul on this movie”

BRB notes, “Keeping it short of spoilers, in the end this jerk knows everything there is to know.”

Joe Smart explains, “When I originally wrote the above review comparing Beyond the Reach to a 1970’s TV movie I didn’t realize that the book this was based on was actually made into a 1970’s TV movie.”

Airborne Media raves, “I was only able to sit through the first 4 minutes of the movie when I turned it off after seeing some idiotic kid give some dumb girl an antique pistol whilst spewing some retarded dialog.”

David Nelson gushes, “Michael Douglas should be ashamed! Kathryn Zetta Jones must be looting his treasury to be so desperate!”

Beyond the Reach

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