Pixar Bombs at Box Office

32630-Woody-tweeting-on-the-toilet-c-ezfFThe numbers agree: will Pixar ever make another box office hit?

Jurassic World won the weekend again with a haul of $102 million. This incredible performance sets it on track to be one of the top-grossing films of all-time!

Pixar, meanwhile, shit the bed with its release of Inside Out, earning a paltry $91 million. This take set the record for largest opening weekend gross based on an original script. While Pixar may tout this as a victory, it’s simply evidence that we need more franchises and less originality.

Bring on Jurassic Universe, and forget about Pixar as an interesting studio.

Pixar Bombs at Box Office

3 thoughts on “Pixar Bombs at Box Office

  1. Jon says:

    A paltry $92 million? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Do you know what a box office bomb actually looks like?

    The average film makes somewhere between $10-$30 million on its opening weekend. The best-performing movies make somewhere between $70-$100 million.

    For a movie based on an original script to make $92 million domestically is a great feat and unbelievably far from classifying as a box office bomb.

    And if you factor in the fact that Inside Out made a total of $132 million worldwide, then…well yeah, your assertion that this is a box office bomb looks incredibly silly.


  2. Hey Jon: Jurassic World has currently made more than $400 million worldwide. THAT is a box office hit.

    Pixar should be embarrassed by what Inside Out did at theaters this weekend. A complete disappointment, and it spells disaster for their future.

    Here’s hoping Cars 3 gets fast-tracked after this tanking.


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