10 Reasons Pixar Sucks

Our editorial board has gathered 10 reasons why Pixar sucks.

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Do you know any others? Share them in our comments section!

10 Reasons Pixar Sucks

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Pixar Sucks

  1. ifyoureadthisyourearetarded says:

    i don’t know what you want to say about pixar but:

    it has sequels: Toy story has 4 movies(the 4th is coming)
    cars have a sequel
    the incredibles will have a sequel

    love: what about woody and the girl with the farm wear, buzz and jessie, flick and atta, mcqueen and sally,

    pixar is inspired by different stuff, they don’t stole it

    toy story has a great story

    monsters inc. it’s way better than that retarded movie MVSA

    dreamworks has animated tones, pixar has animated and realistic tones

    INSIDE OUT it’s the best movie of pixar since 2010’s movies

    pixar is about representing real life, what we live with, what we do and what we got.

    try to read books or anything you piece of trash, or should i say crap?


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