The Fat Movie Guy

Critic of the Month trophy

The critics agree: there’s no better movie critic this month than The Fat Movie Guy!

That’s right: for our June 2015 Critic of the Month, we’re recognizing The Fat Movie Guy of! Mr. Fat Movie Guy has all of the qualities we love in a critic: he loves movies and loves to talk about them after viewing them.

In honor of Fat Movie Guy’s award-winning month of work, we wanted to share several of his recommendations with you. This should give you a sense of his impeccable taste:

As you can see, Mr. The Fat Movie Guy has a broad taste in film. His palette is remarkable, and we recommend you keep tabs on him in the future. This critic is going places … aside from the movies, that is!

Congratulations, Fat Movie Guy, from all of us here at The Critics Agree!

EDITOR’S NOTE: We decided not to award Critic of the Month in May due to the lack of quality work by film critics.

The Fat Movie Guy

One thought on “The Fat Movie Guy

  1. At first I was super pissed at you guys because I thought you guys were making fun of me by taking my quotes out of context, but after checking out your site, I find you guys ingenious and hilarious. Thanks so very much for this prestigious honor!


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