Vanilla Sky


The collectors agree: we absolutely must own a copy of Vanilla Sky on Blu-Ray, complete with alternate endings! Wow! Here’s what users of have to say about this great disc:

hollis keith raves, “I have never written a review before but this movie was so disappointing I felt that I had to begin now.”

Massimo Montiverdi proclaims, “Bad script, mediocre acting, very good soundtrack though.”

lark chartier explains, “The storyline was weak in my opinion and didn’t make sense. Didn’t really care for the cast either. That’s my story and i’m sticking to it!”

Adam D. Dunn notes, “Glitter was a better movie. Showgirls was a better movie.”

Jeffrey S. Duppong gushes, ” I did not give up on the show and watched it to completion.”

Vanilla Sky

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