Goodnight Hollywood

Here’s a post aimed at our youngest fans. Enjoy, kids! And when you all grow up to be famous actors and producers, remember to thank the guys* who got you there!

In the great town of Hollywood
There was an actress named Halle Berry
And an actor named Jim Carrey
And a comedian known as Seinfeld (first name Jerry)
And a musician named Rhianna
And another named Katy Perry
And there was Harvey Weinstein and Sean Bean
And Patricia Heaton
And Michael Keaton
And Judy Greer
And Harry Shearer
And Katherine Heigl and Tina Fey and director Michael Bay
And all the other dreamweavers, weaving away
Goodnight Berry
Goodnight Carrey
Goodnight Seinfeld comma Jerry
Goodnight Rhianna
And Katy Perry
Goodnight Weinstein
Goodnight Bean
Goodnight Heaton
And goodnight Keaton
Goodnight Wright
And Goodnight Knight
Goodnight Greer
And goodnight Shearer
Goodnight Heigl
Goodnight Fey
Goodnight Spielberg
Goodnight Bay
Goodnight to the dreamweavers, weaving away
Goodnight Clooney
Goodnight Cher
Goodnight celebrities everywhere

*By “guys” we mean us. Remember to thank us.

Goodnight Hollywood

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