Let’s Keep BTTF Out Of Theaters!

BanBTTFReReleaseBirth.Movies.Death. is reporting that the Back to the Future films will be re-released in theaters later this year. We’re sharing this news today in the hope that we can reverse it.

While we love the BTTF franchise (except for maybe the original, which is overrated), we believe that movie theaters should exist for the sake of new releases. Back to the Future had its day. By returning to theaters, even for a short time, it will deprive other deserving movies of their chance to play on the silver screen.

Can you imagine if Back to the Future keeps blockbusters like SpectreThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, or Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens from opening?

That would be a travesty — not just for the movies and their creative teams, but for movie fans who would be denied an opportunity to see those films.

If you agree, please join our movement by tweeting your support with the hashtag #BackToTheFutureNotBackToTheTheaters. It would mean a lot to us!

Let’s Keep BTTF Out Of Theaters!

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