Non-Musical Becoming a Musical

Variety is reporting that Martin Scorsese’s 1982 film The King of Comedy is being adapted for Broadway. Even better, it’s becoming a musical!

1389456312_696790_1389462226_noticia_normalWe couldn’t be happier. John and I have always said Marty’s flicks could use more song-and-dance routines. Think about how much better Goodfellas would be if Henry Hill serenaded Karen as they soft-shoed through the Copacabana. Or if The Wolf of Wall Street had a flashy Busby Berkeley-style number featuring the hookers Jordan bangs. You can have those for free, Broadway. #YoureWelcome

There’s one thing that bothers us, though: what the fuck is The King of Comedy? Variety needs to hire a new fact checker. Scorsese’s filmography from the 1980s goes like this:

1980–Raging Bull
1986–The Godfather: Part II
1987–The Passion of the Christ
1989–Quiz Show

They probably meant Raging Bull.

Non-Musical Becoming a Musical

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