Cherry 2000


The collectors agree: we can’t wait to demo our home theaters by popping in our copies of Cherry 2000! Here’s why you should pick up this new release today, according to the users of

Michael S. Pritchard raves, “If you are a 12 year old boy and dream of a female robot then, this is the movie for you!”

April D. Kitchen explains, “my husband wanted to watch it for a good laugh. we fell asleep instead.”

Jose Lopez proclaims, “Robots are not cool, if this is the future count me out.”

robert s larson gushes, “since it came from England it did not play on my dvd player and since it was ordered from america you would think they would send one that would play here.”

Dave Z writes, “I didn’t get very far into this movie. I only saw the first 5 minutes and to tell you I don’t even remember anything about them so I can’t write a proper review.” That’s OK! Thanks for trying, Dave.

Cherry 2000

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